Bee Removal in Los Angeles

Bees provide a valuable service in agriculture, where they pollinate crops and flowers during their flights of collecting nectar.

However, they can become a problem, especially when they build their hives in highly populated areas, such as Los Angeles.

When this happens, the threat of coming in contact with a dangerous swarm increases, and can become dangerous if the problem is not addressed properly by a professional bee removal service.

Common Bees in Los Angeles

The most common bee in Los Angeles is the honey bee. These bees will make their hives in any space they can find, including old tires, trees, cracks in the walls of homes and other buildings, and anywhere else that remains stationary.

These bees generally do not attack people or pets, unless they perceive a threat to their hive. However, when honey bees decide to take up residence in or near your home, there is an increase in danger, especially to children and pets.

Another common type of bee found in Los Angeles are Africanized honey bees, which are commonly referred to as killer bees. These bees look exactly like the more docile honey bee, but become very aggressive when their colony or hive is disturbed.

When this happens, these bees attack in high numbers, and will chase a person or pet for up to a ΒΌ of a mile. This aggression can result in death if a person or pet is sensitive to the venom, or are unable to get away from the swarm in time.

Bee Removal Professionals in Los Angeles

The number of bees in Los Angeles continues to grow due to the warm weather and abundance of flowers and plants.

While this has resulted in a growing number of bee removal professionals in Los Angeles, only around 19 companies provide this service in the area.

When each hive can contain as many as 15,000 bees, this can become a problem if you are unable to get in contact with a professional quickly.

Professional Bee Removal

Professional bee removal services use a variety of techniques to remove a colony or hive of bees. While some services simply kill the bees with harmful pesticides, most professionals will attempt to relocate the hive.

Relocation is an important option in bee removal due to their benefits to crops in the Los Angeles area. Bee relocation can be accomplished is a few different ways. One common method is to trap the bees inside the hive using a specially designed screen.

This is best done at night, when all of the bees are likely to be inside the hive. Some professionals also create a one-way exit in the hive, while placing a bee box beside it.

The bees are unable to get into their hive, so they move to the box. While this method does take longer, it is also quite effective.

Why You Need a Professional Bee Remover

When bees feel that their hive is threatened, they can become aggressive in an attempt to protect it. If anyone in the vicinity is sensitive to bee venom, this can become a dangerous situation.

Additionally, if the bees are Africanized, the level of aggression is much higher, with many more bees joining in to fight for their colony.

Professional bee removal services have the training and equipment needed to remove the bees in a safe and controlled manner, resulting in a much lower threat of the swarm attacking innocent bystanders.

Even though bees are beneficial to the environment, they can also be dangerous in the right situations. Bee removal services get rid of the bees safely, with considerably less risk.

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