How to get free bee removal in Los Angeles?

There’s no place with quite the same kind of buzz about it as Los Angeles.  With all of that excitement, then, it’s no surprise that something as commonplace as bees get overlooked—until they begin to pose a problem. And then is time to get free bee removal Los Angeles.

There’s no denying that there are a lot of bees on the LA area, and no shortage of substances which might attract bees to your home or place of business.

Bees can be a great source of honey, of course, and are vital for maintaining the balance of the environment.

To that end, here are just four reasons why you should instead contact the Los Angeles Bee Keepers Association and find out how you can get free bee removal for your home or place of business.


To begin with, there are a few quick things that you’ll want to keep in mind when it comes to bees.

First, though we commonly associate bees with honey—and with good reason—it’s important to note that while bees produce honey and are indeed attracted to nectar, they can likewise be attracted to a variety of sticky substances as well as various plants with nectar or nectar-like substances.

As such, you should always check the “bee status” of a plant before you add it to you garden on lawn.

In addition, not all bees are the same, and different bees require different kinds of attention and, in some cases, different beekeepers; among the most common bees in the LA area include honey bees, ground dwelling bees and, in some cases also Africanized honey bees.

What’s more, it’s important to note that attempting to spray or otherwise combat bees is not only counterproductive—as bees are a valuable natural resource and can be harvested for a variety of important goods—but dangerous as well, and bee removal should be left to trained beekeepers only.


Naturally, a large swarm of bees can be hazardous to your business.  As such, it’s once again important to seek out professionals when looking to remove bees, as bee stings can be a serious hazard to your health.


There’s an old saying that you can’t put a price on the cost of your family’s safety.  If you are looking to save a bit on bee removal, however, you might want to look into searching out and hiring a smaller, local beekeeper.

Many small-scale, local beekeepers offer to remove bees at a substantially-lower rate than larger beekeepers, as these bees can help them add to their own hive.


The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said “what is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee.”  Socio-political ideals aside, that quote serves as an exemplar of how bee removal should be approached.

It’s dangerous for you and counterproductive for beekeepers to have you attempt to spray or exterminate bees.

As with bees, there’s a greater good to be had in helpful cooperation, and letting each party attend to their own set task.


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