How to Get Rid of Wasps?

Some insects sting a bit more than others. They bite and each nip could possibly be lethal which makes getting rid of them a priority. Wasps are one of those insects and they’re responsible for many anaphylactic shocks in children and adults.

Unlike bees, wasps are dangerous because of how close they live to our homes and have unexpected behaviors. They hide in the holes in our walls, in dark crevices or corners. They nest, wait and can sting any time. No one is safe.

Why Wasps are the Most Dangerous Kind of Stinging Insect

The fear of wasps and other insects are justified because many have fallen victim to their venomous sting. And there’s a reason why people try so hard to get rid of them. Apart from their venom, they spread disease and multiply fast.

Out of the many stinging insects that lurk, it’s the wasps that we should watch out for the most. One important consideration to do it is their propensity to sting repeatedly. Their sting is not barbed which means they can bite as many times as they can.

One bite is enough to render a person unconscious especially if you’re allergic to their venom. Imagine what 3 or 4 nips can do to a small child.

Next, you need to mull over the fact that they live so close to humans too habitat. These are called social wasps which are more dangerous than lone wasps.

They protect their nests so closely and you won’t see them coming when they come out to sting, one nasty bite a time.

Getting Rid of Wasps

If you’ve got a colony near you, don’t wait until someone gets seriously hurt before you do anything. Fortunately, wasps are easy to get rid of.

Here are some home remedies you can do to exterminate wasp colonies:

  • Take an empty bottle and fill it with sticky liquids like honey with vinegar. Hang it on high in order to attract the creatures.

    Wasps are easily attracted to sweets so they can’t resist it. They can stick to the bottle and get trapped there.


  • Set traps to kill them all at once. It may be tricky to do but very effective. Take a big piece of cloth bag, hang it over the entire nest and tie the bottom part once you’ve got it secured.

    Pull the bag to dislodge the nest. Soak it under a container filled with water and detergent. Make sure it submerges fully.

    Getting rid of their nest is a sure way they won’t come back to repopulate.


  • If you’ve got no other pets at home, you can spray on insecticide you can source from the supermarket.

    Make sure you use a powerful spray so that you can get them all. Use as many as you can to kill the colony.

    Also, protect yourself when you do this because powerful sprays can have a nasty effect on your eyes, nose and can burn your skin.


You can tell if you have a wasp problem by the way they nest and feed. If you find bees to be particularly hazardous, then consider wasps more brutal than all the insects affecting your home.

You must get rid of them before they become too much to handle.

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