How to Kill Bed Bugs?

How to kill bed bugsBed bugs are no joke as they can take a serious threat to people’s health. They are a type of insects that attack at night and like to feed on human blood. As a result, the bitten person can develop skin rashes, blisters, itching, allergic reaction, and psychological effects.

Itchiness is quite common when bitten by a bed bug. The symptoms may appear shortly after the bite or after few days.

Bed bugs do not transmit infectious diseases, but the discomfort and the symptoms are as real as they come.

Getting rid of them is one of those things that shouldn’t be postponed for too long or any at all. So, you either get rid of them, or you spend entire nights itching and not getting enough sleep. And if you manage to get some sleep time you wake tired and not rested.

That’s what happens if it is not dealt with them fast and effectively. The good news is that dealing with them is not that hard. But before, one decides to take action needs to check if its bed bugs that are invading his bed or its something else.

How to inspect a bed for bed bugs?

Lowe-level infestations are hard to find and can be easily mistaken for carpet beetles. Skin bites are a poor sign that you are dealing with bed bugs as other insects can cause them. Instead, focus your inquiry on:

  • Reddish stains on the bed sheets. They are bed bugs that have been accidentally crushed.
  • Dark spots on the bed or near it. They are bed bugs excrements.
  • Live bed bugs.
  • Pale yellow looking eggshells

Aside from the bed, bed bugs can be found in the seams of couches or chairs, curtain folds, drawer joints, under loose wallpapers, and so on.

Best bed bug killers on the market

There is a lot of products that kill bed bugs, and almost any of them is advertised as the best on the market. Unfortunately, only a few products are as effective as advertised.

Here we will review three products that have a constant flow of positive user reviews.

Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer

The Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer is a 100% natural and non-toxic solution that kills bed bugs on the spot. Few independent scientists even did an experiment in which they proved its efficiency.

In just 30 minutes they eliminated 83% of the bed bugs. Four hours later, the percentage of dead bed bugs grew to an excellent 98%. As a result, the manufacturer gives 60 days money back warranty of its product.

Meaning, that if you are not pleased with it, you can have your money refunded to you. The Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer comes in several sizes and is perfectly safe to use around children and pets, and is environmentally friendly.

Plenty of positive user reviews, the tests from an independent laboratory, the 60 days money back guarantee, all that points to a very useful bed bug killer.

Pest Peeve Bye-Bye Bed Bugs

The Pest Peeve Bye-Bye Bed Bugs is another 100% natural product that is non-toxic, safe to use around children and pets, and on top of all, it doesn’t leave any stains.

It’s made out of cedar wood oil, Geranium oil, distilled water, alpha-cyclodextrin, ethyl lactate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. All the ingredients are sourced in the USA where it is made.

Make sure that you spray the bed bugs wherever you find them or on places where they might be hiding or nesting.

That’s the only and most important thing to remember when using the Pest Peeve Bye-Bye Bed Bugs solution. Compared to the Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer, the only thing that is missing is a checkup from an independent laboratory.

However, its overwhelmingly positive reviews speak of a great product, that when used properly is very effective.

Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer

The Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer is one of those products that “take no prisoners”. It will kill any type of bug that it meets on its way, even the toughest and most resistant ones.

Unlike the products above, this one contains some strong chemicals and needs to be handled with great care and focus. First of all, keep it away from children and pets, and don’t apply it on any bed sheets, pillows or clothing. Apply it on places where they think they are hiding.

The Ortho Home Defense comes with its applicator. Its formula doesn’t contain any scent and doesn’t leave any stains. Once it is applied, it dries up very fast.

All in all, its super-effective bug killer, all bugs not just bed bugs. The only two downsides are that is not natural and that you first need to identify the bed bugs hiding spots.

But once you do that they are gone for good as the Ortho Home Defense will have them terminated in no time. For heavily infected houses, this is one of the most effective solutions.

It is so effective that even some professional bug extermination services are using it on a regular base.


Bed bugs are more than just a nuance or something like that. At the same time, it is fair to say they are not life-threatening. But they sure can make things uncomfortable for anyone and at any place.

The best advice on this matter is deal with them as soon as possible. Don’t wait for them to reproduce so that you need to deal with an army of them. An army of bed bugs crawling on you every night and bitting.

The 100% natural solutions are perfect for a low-level infestation. They kill them on the spot, leave no stains, no odor, and are no danger to anyone or anything (humans, animals, and environment).

On the other hand, a heavily infested home calls for the big guns. In this case, that’s the Ortho Home Defense Max Bed Bug, Flea and Tick Killer.

As already mentioned above, it needs to be used with care and precision as it is not a natural solution, but it gets the job done fast and effectively. It will eliminate even the toughest ones, no matter their numbers or size.

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